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About Me

Hey guys! I am Niharika, a twenty one year old studying Economics and Business at University College London. I can also work my way around HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, React, Bootstrap, C and Java. I'm always learning and every day I realize that there is so much I don't know. I am interested in a lot of things, and though people will tell you that having a lot of interests is a recipe for disaster and you need to "focus", you should know that that's completely okay (and they even have a word for it)! I am a horrible cook, though (trying to get better).


In the past, I have volunteered in Thailand, interned at an Indie Film Studio, helped fundraise for a really cool NGO and made some web apps. I was also on the organizing committee of an amazing Tecnho-Cultural Festival back in High School (one of my proudest achievements, to be honest). I've also recently had the opportunity to work with a wonderful startup called Penta, as a front-end intern. They're going to do great things! Here's an official resume with all the details.


Over the summer, I worked on a really cool project with Mozilla called Firefox Screenshots. Currently in my final year at university, trying to find a middle ground between business, creativity and the technical.


I'm on the look-out for web dev positions (part-time and internships), or maybe even full-time after I graduate (in 2018). Hit me up!

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